Additionally, C-Room TV offers high quality teleproduction services and a studio that are available to meet your video production needs.  The C-Room is the first African American owned network that fuses a three-stage conglomerate as we strive to take the heart of the city.  Our motto is watch, look, and listen; watch one of our shows on various networks, come look and witness one of our inspiring concerts, listen to our radio station 365, 24/7.

The C-Room Multiplex which is our live venue that hosts all type of events such as Live Showcases, Album Releases, Movie Premiers, Fashion Shows, Concerts, etc. The C-Room Multiplex was the filming location for Oxygen networks nationally known show “Preachers of Atlanta and VH1’s “Celebrity Moms.” With its biblical titled menu items, the food and beverages promises to satisfy your taste buds.

WCRN, C-Room Radio Network/Studio has over 10,000 listeners nationwide but our main focus and goal is to become a major force In the Atlanta market.  Our coverage and reach is world-wide.  Our demographic of listeners has been from 16 and up due to the type of independent radio shows and music being played on the network.  We offer a unique radio format, inspirational/rhythm and praise for independent as well as major artist the opportunity to showcase and brand their music.  We also offer talk radio as well as the latest in sports news and entertainment. WCRN has become a mouthpiece of information to enhance our community in health and wellness issues, building relationships and education awareness, etc.  Additionally, we allow independent producers to have and produce their own shows on the network. Another main focus is to allow small businesses to advertise and promote their brand without breaking the bank.

How To



Roku is a tiny box that connects to your television and streams

C-Room TV Channel for free over the Internet. With Roku, there is no satellite dish or monthly fees. Purchase the box once, and watch all you want.

Find C-Room Television Channel on your Roku by browsing the “Religion or Lifestyle” section of the Roku Channel Store. The official C-Room TV Channel Roku app is completely free.

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C-ROOM on Roku & Roku 2 (pronounced “roh koo”)

Now you can have the Gospel Broadcasting Network live 24/7 on your home television. All you need is high speed internet and a Roku box. Boxes can be purchased from

Once you get your Roku box installed, go into the Roku channel store, find the C-Room Television Network channel and add it. It will then be available to watch. You will have your choice of the C-ROOM TV live stream or VOD (video on demand) archive. We will be adding to the VOD section over time.